“you have been assigned to find her again, this is your last chance. you will wait 17 years after the first of this month. if you do not find her and convince her you will start to age again and you will not be healed, and the balance will fall and it will be put under your name in history” Said Raymond. I looked up at him giving him my word before babara rushed me out of the room so i could start to prepare.
as I stared in the bathroom mirror i saw my skin start to tighten and my eyes got more alive and younger looking. my hair went darker and looked more soft. i went into my room and opened a chest the first thing at the top was a picture of her smiling with all her grace and beauty. i smiled i would get to see her again.


Journal Entry

I ran out the door my mind and body aching from the news I just got. My pace didnt slow but it also didnt get faster as I approached the forest. half way through the forest my pace slowed and I started to relax thats when I realized it was raining. I had goosebumps on my arms and legs. I fell to the ground and layed my head on the roots of a tree, I closed my eyes while water crashed on me. I find peace in the rain.


A challenge ive always had is trusting other people. i use to trust people easily almost as soon as i met them but now it takes a long long time. When i did trust people easily i kept getting hurt and then me being me i would trust them again right after. Eventually one of my close friends told me that i really was just being used and i finally had realized it. With my trust being broke so many times i stopped trusting scared that everyone was going to hurt me just like every other person did, But because i went through this im alot smarter and alot brighter then before because i dont hurt myself as much as i had when i was basically getting walked on.

My fears

i have a really weird fear of walking some where by myself. whether its just down the hall to the bathroom or out to my car. i feel like people think less of me if im by myself. its odd but completely true..

My Dream is for America to go back to the way it was.

When people think of America The Great they are thinking of what America once was. We created that theoretical dream that you could achieve anything you wanted to as soon as you stepped foot into the “promised” land. Instead  Americans are questioning whether to step foot out side of their house because of the concern of being hurt. The Violence and crime levels are rising  depression and suicide rates are also rising and whats even worst no one is trying to help. Everyone wants things to change but instead of coming together and committing yourself to the change everyone instead sits around and naggs on every little thing that could be wrong, hoping it will change. America is not what it once was.

Intro post!(:

My name is clearly annabell.

favorite quote ” be yourself because those who matter dont mind, and those who mind dont matter”

i love writing short stories! I have difficulties writing poetry but I adore reading it and evaluating it because your never “wrong”. my favorite color is orange, even though my room is painted yellow. I adore music with my life, I would not be the person I am today with out it.